When it comes to the safety of students and staff in schools, every precaution must be taken to create a secure environment. One crucial aspect of ensuring safety on school premises is adhering to the strict safety standards for school fences in Texas, particularly in Bastrop County and the surrounding area. At Butler Contracting, we understand the importance of these standards and are fully capable of providing school fencing solutions that comply with the Texas Education Code standards. 

New Safety Requirements for Schools in Texas

In recent years, Texas has introduced new safety requirements for schools, including specific regulations related to school fencing. These safety standards are designed to enhance security and protect those within the school grounds.


One key reference in understanding these standards is 19 Tex. Admin. Code § 61.1031, which outlines the safety requirements for schools. According to this regulation, school fences must meet certain criteria:


Fences or walls around school properties are required to be non-scaling and must be a minimum of six feet in height.  If a wall or fence is scalable such as a chain link fence it must be a minimum of 8 feet in height, or have design features that prevent the fence from being easily scalable. This height and added design features help deter unauthorized access and provide a clear boundary for the school.


The materials used for school fences should be non-scalable, durable, and resistant to damage. Common choices include chain-link, ornamental iron, stone or concrete walls, or other sturdy materials.

Access Control

School fences must have controlled access points, typically equipped with gates and automatic gate operators. These access points must be secure and monitored by an adult who can visibly view visitors prior to entering the grounds and can take immediate action to close and/or lock the access gates and doors. Panic bars and easy egress must be present on all gates around the perimeter.  


Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure that the fence remains in good condition, and it is required by law to maintain the fence in a manner that will adhere to the standards outlined in the Texas Education Code. Damaged or deteriorating fences shall be repaired promptly to maintain security.


To ensure the safety and security of students and staff, it is essential for educational institutions in Texas to be aware of and adhere to these guidelines.

Texas Education Code Section 37.0814

Another important aspect of school safety in Texas is Section 37.0814 of the Texas Education Code. This section addresses issues related to school safety and security, which includes provisions related to fencing and perimeter security. Compliance with this section is vital for educational institutions in Texas, as it directly impacts the safety of students and staff.

Safety Grants for Texas Schools

To support schools in meeting these safety requirements, the Texas Education Agency offers safety grants. These grants provide financial assistance to schools in Texas to help implement safety measures, including fencing upgrades. Schools that meet the criteria can apply for these grants to improve the security of their campuses.

Texas House Bill 3 and School Safety

Texas House Bill 3, which was passed into law, addresses various aspects of education, including school safety. While the bill primarily focuses on funding and educational improvements, it indirectly contributes to school safety by providing resources that schools can allocate to security enhancements, including fencing.

Butler Contracting: Your Partner in School Fence Safety in Texas

At Butler Contracting, we take school safety seriously. We are proud to be your trusted partner in ensuring that your school fencing meets and exceeds all safety standards in Central Texas. Our experienced team specializes in installing high-quality fences and automatic gates that provide the security and peace of mind schools need.


Our commitment to safety extends to using materials and construction techniques that adhere to all relevant Texas State codes and standards. We understand the unique requirements of educational institutions and can tailor our solutions to meet your specific needs.


Safety is paramount in our schools, and adhering to safety standards for school fences in Central Texas is an essential step in creating a secure environment for students and staff. Butler Contracting is here to support schools in Central Texas by providing top-notch fencing solutions that meet and exceed all Texas State codes and standards. Contact us today to discuss your school fencing needs and ensure the safety of your educational institution. You can reach us at (844) 628-8537 or begin the online quote process by filling out some basic info here.