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We work with homeowners and business owners across Central Texas to beautify and protect their homes and their businesses with expertly installed standard gates.

Bastrop County Gates

The integrity of a fence hinges on the resilience of its gate, so selecting a gate that not only boasts a pleasing appearance but also ensures long-lasting durability for your Bastrop County property is essential!

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Residential and Commercial GateBenefits

Here are some reasons why property owners love to install fence gates from Butler Contracting in Bastrop County!

example of a wood fence gate in Bastrop County

Residential and Commercial Gates Security

Installing a solid fence gate with your new fence is the difference between a secured property and an unprotected one. With a secure fence gate, intruders cannot enter your space without breaking or scaling it, which is a great deterrent and one that can keep your family and pets safe inside.

Residential and Commercial Gates Decorative

Use your fence gate as an added enhancement to your fence design and appearance by opting for a decorative style to match your unique taste and property. You can design your fence gate with flourishes in traditional or modern looks based on what you like best.

Residential and Commercial Gates Convenience

A proper fence gate in the perfect size and location within your fence creates the convenient access you need to get where you're going. Gates can be placed on multiple sides of your fence, or just one main location. You can choose double swing gates or single and adjust the width of the gate opening for walking or driving through.

CustomWood Gates

The gate of your fence is the centerpiece people will be drawn to and see most. Treat your wood gate like a beautiful accent to add an extra attractive feature to your wood fence.

Custom Wood Gates in Bastrop
  • Our wood gates are built with a steel frame and heavy-duty box hinges to ensure durability
  • By using either Postmaster or upgraded larger posts, gate strength is maximized
  • We drive our gates posts and install them at an increased depth for the best stability
  • Our hardware latches and handles are made of sturdy, long-lasting exterior-grade materials
Straight top style gate - Wood Gate

Straight Top

Lattice style gate  - Wood Gate

Lattice Top

Convex top style gate  - Wood Gate

Convex Top

Concave top style gate  - Wood Gate

Concave Top

Decorative metal accent over window  - Custom Wood Gate

Accent Window

Decorative metal accent - Custom Wood Gate

Decorative Accent

Aluminum Gate Styles

Aluminum fence gates come in a variety of styles and sizes and also can be installed as single swing or double swing designs. Our gates are available to match any size or finish and come completely secure giving your fence and gate the durability you expect from a quality fence product!

Bastrop County aluminum gate

Aluminum GatesWalk

Bastrop County aluminum gate

Aluminum GatesDouble Walk

Bastrop County aluminum gate

Aluminum Driveway GatesSingle Swing

bastrop-county aluminum gate

Aluminum Driveway GatesDouble Swing

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Standard fence gates in Central Texas can be constructed from a variety of materials, including aluminum, vinyl, wood, chain link, or ornamental iron. The material choice depends on your preference and the desired look and durability of the gate.

Yes, standard fence gates can often be customized to match your fence style. You can choose from different colors, designs, and embellishments to ensure the gate seamlessly integrates with the existing fence and complements your property's aesthetics.

Yes, standard fence gates are typically available in standard sizes to fit common fence heights. However, custom sizing to accommodate specific requirements is an option.

While it is possible to install a standard fence gate as a DIY project, it is recommended to hire professionals for proper installation. Our Bastrop County fence and gate team has the expertise and tools to ensure the gate is securely and accurately installed for optimal functionality and longevity.

Standard fence gates can provide a certain level of security, but additional measures may be needed for enhanced security in Central Texas. Consider adding lock mechanisms, access control systems, or sturdy gate hardware to bolster the security of your gate. All pool fences follow code with MagnaLatch self-closing hinges.

Regular maintenance includes inspecting for any damage, cleaning the gate periodically, and ensuring all hinges and hardware are tightened. Taking care of any gate needs as they arise will help prolong the life of your standard fence gate.

Standard GateExamples

Central Texas Standard Gate
Bastrop County Standard Gate
Standard Gate in Central Texas
Standard Gate in Central Texas
Bastrop County Standard Gate
Standard Gate in Bastrop County TX
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