Ornamental Iron vs Aluminum Fencing

If you’ve settled on an ornamental style of fence because you enjoy the aesthetic, the next thing that you have to consider is the material that it’s made out of and which one is the right fit for your situation. This article compares Ornamental Iron (not to be confused with wrought iron) with Aluminum fencing and how to choose a fence material based on what is most important to you. Whatever fence you decide to go with, Butler Contracting can design and install it for you!


When it comes to overall strength, Ornamental Iron is a clear winner. Even though it’s often called Ornamental Iron, a more accurate name for it would be Ornamental Steel. Iron is a metal that is mined from the earth, whereas steel is an alloy made from iron and carbon. If you’re in an area with a lot of trees and windy storms are common, an Ornamental Iron fence could be more desirable as it can without tree branches falling on it with minimal damage.

Aluminum fences, however, are not so impervious to physical damage. If a heavy object falls on an aluminum fence, it is likely to dent and ding and may need panels replaced.


Sometimes people want an aluminum fence because they think that an iron fence is going to rust or that the paint is going to flake and chip off of it. This characteristic is often confused with wrought iron, which is actual stick metal that’s welded together. That particular metal is not powder coated, it’s just painted with a metal paint. Wrought requires a lot of maintenance, but Ornamental Iron requires very little maintenance. The fence material that Butler Contracting uses for Ornamental Iron fences is a high-quality American Steel that is powder coated. This powder coat protects the fence from chipping and flaking and is not likely to rust, however, if you live in a coastal area, even the powder-coated steel can rust due to the salt from sea spray.

Aluminum is going to hold up much better under those conditions. Aluminum doesn’t rust and will not corrode even in coastal areas. If you live in a place where even powder-coated Ornamental Iron will rust, you’ll definitely want to go with an aluminum fence.


Both fence types will usually come with a 20-year manufacturer warranty, which is typical of most fences. Warranty is not a deciding factor since they are both the same, but it’s still worth mentioning that you should be getting one with your fence installation.


Aluminum is one of the more expensive metals that is mined from the earth and that is reflected in the price of aluminum fencing. The upfront cost of aluminum fence installation is going to be higher than an Ornamental Iron fence and that may be a deciding factor for you, but if you live in a coastal area, the more expensive investment is going to be worth it in the long run.

Slopes and Turns

Both Ornamental Iron and Aluminum fences are very adaptable to changes in elevation and sharp turns. The Ameristar ornamental fence panels that Butler Contracting uses can be made with a pivot that allows the fence to easily match the slope that you’re fencing.


Both fence materials come in various ornamental stylings with different capping shapes and designs, however, you should consider going with a Safe Fence style to protect children and wildlife in your area.

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