In each HOA there are different rules and regulations that need to be followed based on Federal, State, County, and local municipality laws, as well as the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) within a subdivision. Some of the most commonly asked questions are, “What type of fence can I build on my property?” or “Do I need a permit to build a fence?” Those are great questions and the answer is yes, you need a fence permit if you live in Piney Creek Bend Subdivision.  In addition there are restrictions on the type of fences you can build. In this article we will dive into when you do and do not need a fence permit, and what types of fencing you can construct on your property in Piney Creek Bend in Bastrop, Texas.

Do I Need a Permit to Build a Fence in Piney Creek Bend?

Yes, if you plan to construct a new fence, replace an existing fence, or make substantial repairs, it is required to obtain a permit from the ACC and the City of Bastrop. If you are doing minor repairs, a permit is not needed. If you live in Piney Creek Bend, it is located entirely within the Bastrop city limits.  Therefore you will first need to obtain a permit with the City of Bastrop.  Upon approval, you can submit your permit application to the ACC for approval. The ACC Permit Guidelines and the Permit Application for Piney Creek Bend can be found here. To verify you are required to obtain a permit from the City of Bastrop you can use this interactive map to see if you are in the Bastrop City limits or the ETJ. All City permits must be submitted through the MyGov system and your fence contractor will need to be a registered vendor with the City of Bastrop in order to pull a permit to build your fence. As a homeowner, you can pull a permit by contacting the City and requesting a pre-project planning meeting to review your project to discuss any constraints.  Once completed, you can submit a permit application. To get this process started click here.

Call 811 Before You Dig

Regardless of whether you’re doing a DIY project or hiring someone to install your fence, be sure 811 is called out to mark public utilities such as gas lines, water, sewer, underground fiber optics, and electrical lines. Hitting one of these lines can be costly and cause property damage, injury, or even death. If you hire a contractor, make sure they do not start your project until this has been done. Calling 811 is not a suggestion, it is the law. To learn more about 811 and utility marking, read this article we wrote.

Safe Fences

While Safe Fences are not a requirement in Piney Creek Bend or the City of Bastrop, it is still something you should be aware of when planning your fence project. There has been some push and movement to change the current regulations at the state level when it comes to ornamental and wrought iron fences with pickets on top to ensure there is a solid top bar for safety reasons. Here at Butler Contracting, we suggest constructing a “Safe Fence” whenever possible to ensure the safety of your family, pets, wildlife, and the community as well as ensure you are not liable in the event of an accident. You can learn more about Safe Fences in this article we wrote and see if you want to elect to get one installed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Types of Fences are Approved by the ACC? 

One of the most common fences in the neighborhood is a wooden privacy fence.

However, ornamental and wrought iron is also an acceptable fence style and in some areas required. Fences constructed of any type of wire or chain link are strictly prohibited.  If you plan to construct a fence of material other than wood or iron, it must be approved by the ACC during the Permit process.

What are the Backyard and Side Fence Requirements? 

Backyard fences shall not be constructed any further than 3 feet back from the front corner of the house.  If the dwelling is situated on a corner lot the side fence must be setback on the side property line ½ of the side building line shown on the plat. If there is no building shown on the plat, then the fence must be placed ½ back from the side property line and the building line.

Can You Build A Fence In Your Front Yard In Piney Creek Bend? 

Yes, according to the way the ACC guidelines read a fence can be constructed in your front yard on the side lot line past the front corner of your house.  However, there are some specific requirements you must adhere to if you plan to put a fence in your front yard.  All front yard fences must be 2 feet or less in height starting 3 feet back from the front corner of the house. There will likely be easement restrictions from the City of Bastrop as well that will need to be addressed during their permitting process.

Where is a Wrought Iron Fence Required in Piney Creek Bend?

All fences abutting Parkland, Greenspan, or Floodplain must be 6 feet in height and be constructed of wrought iron, ornamental iron, or similar decorative tubing metal view fencing.

Can You Install A Buillwire Fence in Piney Creek Bend?

No, any wire-style fences are prohibited by ACC guidelines.

Can You Install A Chain Link Fence In Piney Creek Bend? 

No, chain link fences are prohibited by ACC guidelines.

What Type of Fence Can You Put Around a Pool in Piney Creek Bend?

Any fence that meets the City of Bastrop and ACC Guidelines can be installed around your pool. Take note that even though the ACC Guidelines do not mention the State requirements of fences around pools in their guidelines, it is still your responsibility to make sure that you are compliant with Texas state laws for pool fences (Check Out Pool Fence Regulations in Texas Here). There are specific types of fences, gate styles as well as latch and hinge requirements. Learn more about your rights living in an HOA and some of the recent changes in the Texas Legislative Code and Senate Bill 1588.

Can I Build an 8-foot Tall Fence In Piney Creek Bend? 

Yes, the ACC restricts fence heights to a maximum of 6 feet tall on a side lot line. However, according to the ACC rules and definition of a side lot it appears that an 8-foot tall fence in the back or front may be acceptable in some situations. We advise that you contact the ACC for clarification. You may be granted a variance for your fence.

What Types of Fences and Materials are Prohibited in Piney Creek Bend Subdivision?

Fences constructed of any type of wire or chain link are strictly prohibited.

Can I Install a Wrought Iron Gate With my Privacy Fence?

Yes, there are no restrictions on gates as long as they are not made from chain-link or wire according to the ACC rules.

What If My Neighbor Won’t Fix Their Fence?

The ACC requires fencing on all lots to be maintained to a level equivalent to the original construction. If you or your neighbor need help keeping up your fence, ask Butler Contracting about their Annual Fence Maintenance Plan.  We offer an annual tune-up and repair package as well as offer a 10% discount on staining services.

How Do You Get Started Building Your Fence?

If you are doing a DIY project, you should have what you need to get started with the information provided in this article. Otherwise, let Butler Contracting, the fence professionals handle the rules, regulations, permitting, and construction of your fence. Get the easy process started today by submitting your project request on our website or by calling our office at (844) 628-8537.