Every fence is subject to the elements and over time, it needs some maintenance to make sure that it continues to stand upright and remain secure. We at Butler Contracting have put together a fence service plan to ensure that your fence gets the care it needs to weather the next storm and still look nice for years to come!

Wood Fence

Wood fences tend to warp and bend under severe temperature changes and sometimes those boards work out the nails that secure them. Other times the pickets dry out and crack and eventually need to be replaced. No matter the type of wood, every wooden fence needs to be treated with a stain or sealant or be painted. This will help prolong the life of the fence, but it also needs to be done regularly throughout the years.

Annual Wood Fence Service Plan

When you sign up for our wood fence service plan, we’ll come out at scheduled intervals throughout the year and perform routine maintenance on your fence so you don’t have to! With the annual service plan, you can expect that we’ll:

  • Tighten and adjust hardware
  • Inspect all nails and screws (will tighten and secure as needed)
  • Replace up to 10 pickets per year
  • Replace up to 2 posts per year
  • Clean and power wash up to 200 linear feet of fence
  • Adjust, lube, and tighten manual gates
  • Offer 10% OFF all stain and sealing contracts

Cost of wood fence service plan: $1200 per year

Metal Fences

Whether you have a chain link fence or an ornamental iron fence, it will be covered in our metal fence service plan! The best way to prolong the life of your metal fence is to clean it regularly and thoroughly, which we do for all of our customers who sign up for the fence service plan. The other thing that will be quite useful is if severe weather causes damage to a post, the same perks that get you post replacements for the wood fence service plan also apply to metal fences. We will also inspect the hardware for any adjustments or tightening that is required and perform the maintenance that needs to be done.

Annual Metal Fence Service Plan

The metal fence service plan includes:

  • Annual fence inspection
  • Adjust, lube, and tighten manual gates
  • Clean and power wash up to 200 linear feet of fence
  • Replace up to 2 fence posts per year
  • Inspect all hardware (will tighten and secure as needed)

Cost of metal fence service plan: $1200 per year

Annual Gate Service Plan

While our fence service plans cover routine maintenance of manual gates, we also have a plan specifically for solar-powered and battery-operated gates because there’s nothing more frustrating than coming home from a long day of work to a gate that won’t open!

Gate service plans include:

  • Test and inspect battery
  • Clean battery terminals
  • Charge battery
  • Inspect and clean circuit panel
  • Inspect, clean, and lube the control arm, chain, and belt
  • Inspect and tighten gate hardware
  • Keypad and remote battery replacement
  • Solar panel cleaning and alignment

Cost of gate service plan: $500 per year

If you also sign up for our fence service plan, the gate service plan will be knocked down to $450 per year!

10% Discount For Service Plan Package

We also have a home service plan and a roof service plan. If you bundle these service plans with the fence and gate service plans, you’ll get 10% off of the overall price! Sign up for your service plans today by calling (844) 628-8537 or submit a request on our website.