At Butler Contracting, we take pride in building quality fences, decks, and outdoor living spaces in Elgin, Texas, and Bastrop County. When it comes to constructing fences in Elgin, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the local regulations to ensure compliance and a successful project. In this comprehensive guide, we will outline the key fence rules and regulations specific to Elgin, Texas.

Determine Permissible Fence Heights

The first step in understanding Elgin’s fence rules is to determine the permissible fence heights. According to the Elgin City Code, the maximum height for a residential front yard fence cannot be taller than 4 feet and no other fence can exceed 7 feet in height. Solid fences and wall enclosures cannot be installed around the front of your house (nor can they exceed 6 feet in height). 


Ornamental Fences can extend to the front of the property line and must not be taller than 4 feet anywhere on your property. For an ornamental fence, the ratio of solid material to open space must not exceed 1-to-4. Another way to think of this is that for every metal spindle, you need to have open space equal to 4 times the width of the spindle. You may have more open space, but not less.

If you own a corner lot at an intersection, you may not have a fence that extends all the way to that corner of the property. This rule only applies if your property line is within 15 feet of the two roads.

Privacy fences must have a minimum of 6 feet on the sides of the dwelling and no more than 7 feet tall along the backside of the property line.

Choose Suitable Fence Materials

Elgin also has guidelines regarding types of fences and has a few different requirements depending on the specific material chosen. The types of fences listed as acceptable for residential areas are Ornamental Fences, Privacy Fences, Chain link, Picket and Hedges. The only type of fences mentioned that are not allowed are solid metal fences. 

Privacy fences come in a variety of materials such as wood, vinyl, and aluminum as well as ornamental and chain link mentioned above. All wood privacy fences, however, have a restriction on the type of posts used. You cannot use wooden posts with wood fences, they must be metal fence posts with sufficient gauge and diameter for the weight and wind load of the fence. The metal posts also must be embedded in concrete.

Fences Must Be Maintained

If you have a privacy fence installed, it’s your responsibility to make sure that it is properly maintained and kept in safe condition with all components free from deterioration, dilapidation, rot, rust, loosening or leaning. Common fences between properties are the responsibility of the owners to maintain. 

Other Aesthetic Requirements

As mentioned previously, depending on the specific material of your fence, it will be held to different beautification standards. If you build a fence with untreated wood lumber or other materials, it must be painted with a clear coat, earth-tone colors or be prefabricated with earth-tone colors (excluding metal fence posts).

If your newly built fence is built with pressure-treated wood, then the requirements listed above do not apply.

Additionally, any fence bordering a public street (excluding alleys) must have the “nice side” of the fence facing outward towards public traffic, with the “ugly side” of the fence facing inward towards your property.

The Homeowner Is Responsible For Determining Property Lines

No matter what city you’re in, when you build a fence, it is imperative that you have a survey done beforehand. There are many reasons to have this done professionally rather than trying to determine the property lines yourself.

You can also build a fence on an easement, but before you do, you must call 811 before digging to determine the location of any utility lines that might be damaged in the process of digging. Click on the linked articles above for more information on each of those tasks.

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By understanding and complying with Elgin’s fence rules and regulations, you can ensure a smooth and successful fencing project that enhances both the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your property. Rest assured that Butler Contracting can help you with obtaining the proper permits and ensuring that your fence will be in complete compliance with the City of Elgin regulations as well as your HOA, POA, or ARC.

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