Millions worldwide depend on automatic gate systems to safeguard their residences, businesses, and assets daily. These systems not only bolster security but also offer convenience and regulated entry. Have you ever wondered how they work? In this article, the experts from Bastrop, Texas fence company Butler Contracting explain the basic mechanics and show you some of the access control systems that are available today.

What are Access Control Systems?

Automatic gates and access control systems are much simpler than they might appear at first glance! These gates are electronically locked and can be either hardwired or wireless, depending on the type of gate opener chosen.


To unlock and open the gate, you or a visitor must provide the appropriate credentials to the access control system, such as a key fob, password, or keycard. If the correct credential is used, the system sends an electronic signal to the gate operator, prompting the gate to open.

How do Bastrop County, Texas Automated Gates Work?

The operation of a gate access control system is relatively straightforward. Upon recognizing the correct credential from you or a guest, the system sends an electric signal to the gate’s control panel. This panel prompts the gate arm to open, holds it open for a set duration, and then closes it.


Swing gate operators utilize a swinging arm to push the gate open and pull it shut, while slide gate operators employ a motorized gear control to slide the gate along a track parallel to the fence. Regardless of type, most gate operators are powered by your property’s electricity or solar energy. 


Additionally, gates often incorporate a backup battery to ensure continued operation and access during power outages. 

Types of Gate Access Control Systems in Bastrop

Keypad Access Systems in Bastrop, Texas

Keypads are one of Bastrop County, Texas’s most popular access control systems. Positioned near the gate, these electronic keypads enable authorized individuals to enter a unique code for access. While most keypad systems utilize numerical codes, advanced variants may accommodate alphanumeric inputs. Upon entering the correct code, a signal is transmitted to the gate control panel, triggering the gate to open.

Remote Control Access Systems

Remote control access systems function through wireless communication. Authorized individuals receive a compact remote control device, which sends a signal to the gate control panel when a designated button is pressed. Upon receiving the signal, the control panel engages the motors or operators to open and close the gate. These systems provide convenience, enabling users to operate the gate from within their vehicles or at a distance.

Proximity Card Systems

Proximity card systems employ cards or key fobs that emit a radio frequency identification (RFID) signal. When presented within range of the gate reader, the control panel detects the signal, granting access. Widely utilized in commercial or multi-unit residential complexes, this automatic gate access method ensures secure and convenient entry for authorized individuals.

Biometric Systems in Texas

Biometric access systems utilize distinct physical or biological traits to control gate access. These traits range from fingerprints to retinal patterns and facial recognition. When an individual seeks entry, their biometric data is captured and cross-referenced with pre-registered data. Upon a match, the gate control panel grants access. Renowned for their high security, biometric systems are exceedingly difficult to duplicate or forge.

Vehicle Detection Systems

Vehicle detection systems are most commonly used in high-traffic areas or locations that require frequent vehicle entry and exit. These systems detect vehicle presence by employing technologies like loops, cameras, or infrared sensors. Upon detection, the gate control panel triggers gate operators or motors to open. These systems can discern between vehicle types, enabling tailored access control for cars, trucks, or motorcycles.

Intercom Systems in Bastrop County

Intercom gate access control systems are made to offer secure and convenient entry to gated properties. This type of system comprises an intercom unit placed at the gate or somewhere nearby; these systems facilitate communication between visitors and property owners. Visitors can utilize the intercom to notify the property owner of their arrival, who can then remotely unlock the gate via a control panel or mobile app, ensuring a streamlined and controlled access process.

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