As a residential or commercial property owner, you understand the importance of maintaining the look and safety of your property. As part of these upkeep responsibilities, maintaining and repairing wooden fences can help keep your property protected, boost aesthetics, and improve the property’s market value.

At Butler Contracting, we know the value of quality maintenance in and around your home or business. We offer a comprehensive lineup of repair and maintenance services, including wood fence repair in Central Texas.

In this blog, we cover how to repair a wooden fence and highlight how professional repair and maintenance services can help.

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wood fence repair project

Form A Plan For Fence Repair

The best way to safely and effectively complete any project hinges on organization and knowledge.

To repair or replace fence gates, panels, or posts, you will need materials, knowledge, and tools. Researching what you need ahead of time, making lists, and understanding the steps you’ll need to take can save you time and frustration during the repair.

In contrast, professional repair and construction experts like those you’ll work with at Butler Contracting already have the necessary materials and knowledge. Relying on seasoned experts for wood fence repair can free up your time and spare you stress and unnecessary expenses.

Collect Materials

Equally as important to knowing your tools and steps is acquiring quality material. While it’s possible to complete fence repairs with sub-par wood and other materials, doing so may contribute to faster degradation of the fence and increased need for repairs and maintenance.

Experts know how to source the correct type of wood and other materials and can also often find it for less than the average person may pay from a big-name retailer. In this way, working with professionals can save a property owner time and money.

How To Fix A Broken Fence

 #1: Post Repairs

Posts make up the framework of a solid wooden fence. If your posts are in disrepair, start by repairing or replacing them as needed. You may need a post-hole digger, a diamond-tipped shovel, and other materials.

#2: Bottom and Top Rail Repairs

Sometimes, the rail boards strapping wooden fence planks together give way or come un-nailed from their posts.

Replace rotted or damaged top and bottom rails after repairing any post damage.

#3: Repair or Replace Wooden Fence Panels 

Finally, remove and replace any damaged fence panel boards or replace the entire fence panel.

Staining a fence panel, post, or rail to match surrounding components can hide evidence of recent repairs.

Once all structural components of a fence are solid and stable, begin any necessary work on gate repairs or replacements, if applicable.

Benefits of Regular Fence Maintenance

The cost of replacing a wooden fence exceeds the cost of regular maintenance and repairs. By investing in professional wood fence repair and upkeep, you maintain your property value and stave off the price of total fence replacements.

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