Stain and sealant can work wonders for most wood structures including decks, fences and even chicken coops and raised flower beds, but stains and sealants can also be harmful to the plant life that often surrounds these wood structures.

How Stains and Sealants Are Harmful to Plants

If you manage to get a stain or sealant on a plant, the preservatives in the stain prevent the plant from absorbing nutrients, water, and light. It will cause brown spots to appear and make it more difficult for the plant to thrive.

A light misting of stain may not be too harmful for your plants to overcome, but you should still take the proper precautions to protect them if you’re planning a staining project.

Does Stain Kill Grass?

Grass is more resilient to stain and sealant than plants, but it will cause some browning to occur, particularly along the bottom of a fence line. However, the grass will recover to its original color if adequately watered.

How to Keep Your Plants Safe While Staining

It’s important to note that light overspray may cause browning, but it is unlikely to kill your plants. Spills and heavy overspray will definitely cause damage to plants and grass. To minimize the amount of stain that makes contact with the plants, make sure to cover them with tarps or plastic sheeting. If the plants are movable, it’s advised to take them out of the area that you’ll be working in. Another option is to use a roller and a brush instead of a sprayer to apply the stain.

If you are covering your plants, make sure not to leave them covered for too long, particularly on a hot day. The plants need to breathe and covering them for extended periods of time can cause them to overheat.

Butler Contracting Can Stain Your Deck and Fence

We take the necessary precautions to keep the stain off your plants by covering them in plastic. In addition, we also make sure not to get any stain on your house trim, siding, or windows. If you don’t want to take chances, just leave it to the professional! Get a quote by going to our website and filling out some basic info to let us know what kind of stain project you’d like us to do for you or you can talk to us directly by calling (844) 628-8537.