One of the best things you can do for the longevity of a fence, new or old, is to apply a fresh coat of stain to it! Stain is particularly useful in hot climates due to the UV protection it provides. If wood gets hit with the sun day after day without the proper protection, it’s prone to drying out and becoming brittle. Stain and or sealant are the best ways of treating the fence for the long haul, whether it’s only a month old or you’re giving it another coat after a decade.

Yes, You Can Use An Airless Sprayer to Apply Fence Stain

An airless sprayer is an easy-to-use option that doesn’t require a compressor. Some of them are even as simple as using a hand pump to build up pressure and pulling a trigger to release the stain. It’s always a good idea to make sure that the type of stain you’re using is compatible with the sprayer. Some types of stain are only meant to be used with a brush and a roller, so be sure that the stain you’ve chosen can be air sprayed. The stain will also specify which type of spray tip to use.

Stain Is Harmful to Plants and Shrubbery

When preparing to spray a fence or deck, be sure to cover any nearby plants or shrubbery. You may want to lay plastic down on the grass as well. The stain can shorten the life of the greenery in your yard and/or garden. It’s also advised to clear out any lawn furniture, cars or light fixtures that you’re not interested in turning brown.

General Tips For Staining a Fence

In your preparation steps, make sure to clean any and all surfaces that you’re planning on staining. If you’re spraying an old fence, you’ll want to scrape off any flanking stain that may be remaining and sand the rough parts if needed. This is an important step and probably will be more tedious than actually staining the fence. A clean surface is going to give the stain the best shot at doing its job and adding the most life to your fence. Clean the fence with a wood cleaner. You can use a pressure washer, but if you don’t have one, you can use your airless sprayer or a cheap garden pump sprayer to apply the cleaner. After the cleaner is applied, use a stiff bristle-brush and scrub each and every board. After you’ve scrubbed a section, spray it down again and get off all of the cleaning solution. Then move onto the next section.

After you’ve done all the grueling work to clean the fence, it’s time to let it dry. Make sure that the fence is completely dried before applying the first coat of stain.

Assuming that you’ve chosen a proper sprayer and stain, we recommend using a deep penetrating oil based stain whenever possible. Make sure to allot enough time for the project and don’t rush it.  Once you’ve started staining the fence, there should be no stopping before you’ve properly stained both sides of the entire fence. A simple method works best, spray from top to bottom and do your best to apply the material evenly. Keep going until you’ve covered the entire fence!

Butler Contracting Can Build and Stain Your Fence!

If all this doesn’t sound like a project you want to tackle don’t worry. We can stain your fence.  We can also build whatever kind of fence you’re looking for and we also install automatic gate systems, so you don’t have to manually open and close the gate. Use our special Fence Estimator Tool to get started on your fence staining quote. You can also speak with us directly by giving us a call at (844) 628-8537.