There are many cheap fencing options that fall under the title of “dog fences”, but most of them are not very visually appealing nor are they particularly durable. Some of them even resolve to send a shock to your pet when they cross an invisible boundary or get too close to a fence. If you’re looking for a temporary fix to keep your furry friends from running off, these can be useful, but if you want to install a permanent fence that is durable, long-lasting and doesn’t cause your pet personal anguish, we have the right options for you. You may be more on the exotic side of things and have, or would like to have a tortoise or even a pet monkey! Whatever special pet containment needs you have, we can help you with it.

What is a Dog-Friendly Fence?

Some dogs have more energy than others and with a high energy pet often comes an incessant need to constantly investigate what is going on outside. Giving them the freedom to run around in the perimeter of your property can prevent them from becoming destructive indoors and destroying your favorite shoes. In general, a pet-friendly fence is one that they can’t jump over, dig under, or climb. It should also be a fence that is safe and won’t harm the pet even when they make a valiant effort for a great escape.

Dog-Friendly Options

There are several fence styles that can fall under the pet-friendly category including privacy fencing, chain link, and vinyl fencing, but we also have a few other designs that may be more aesthetically appealing for the style of your home and will still keep your pet safely at home with plenty of space to run.  If your dog is an extreme digger, it may require that you excavate some of the yard and lay down chain-link mesh and bury it then build your fence. Once the dog starts to dig under the fence, they will hit the buried chain-link mesh and get frustrated with being unable to get past the buried material and should eventually stop trying to dig under the fence.

Wooden Privacy Fence

The wooden privacy fence is one of the most common types of fences you will see in a backyard. These fences are typically great for containing dogs because they are strong, durable, and difficult for a dog to climb. Some downsides to a privacy fence are that the dog can chew on the wood and is unable to see on the other side of the fence, which often leads to barking and some dogs even feel the urge to dig underneath the fence. In general, privacy fences are great for dogs to keep them safe and contained. There are also vinyl privacy fence options as well.

Wrought Iron Fences and Puppy Pickets

Most wooden fences have pickets that are close enough together that there isn’t a risk of your dog getting its head stuck in between, but that’s not always the case with wrought iron or ornamental iron fences. We at Butler Contracting offer a modified wrought iron and ornamental iron fence that takes the standard 4” spacing between pickets and we reduce the air gap to 2” so that even smaller dogs aren’t at risk of escaping or getting stuck. In addition, if you choose one of these styles of fences, it is important to consider the appropriate fence height for your dog and ensure the top of the fence is safe for your dog.

Safe Fences

Safe Fences have garnered more attention recently to prevent children and animals from being harmed. Essentially, a safe fence is one that doesn’t have any spike-shaped pickets at the top of the fence that threaten to impale an animal that would attempt to jump over the fence. Decreasing the spacing of the pickets also prevents more curious children or pets from getting their heads stuck between the pickets. Learn more about safe fences in this article we wrote.

Chain-Link Fence

While traditional chain-link fences are economical and have traditionally been used to contain dogs safely in yards, there are some drawbacks. Some dogs can climb chain-link like a ladder and there have been cases where other dogs have gotten caught in the holes in the chain-link mesh or even become injured. This is a rare occurrence, but it can happen, so this type of fence may or may not be right for you. We are not saying to avoid this style all together, however, we want you to be aware of some of the issues with this style of fence. Another consideration if you want to go the chain-link route is to install a mini mesh. This mini mesh is traditionally used for security, defense, and governmental projects such as pedestrian crossings on bridges. Any reputable fence contractor can work with their fence supplier to get this style of fence. Big box stores do not carry this product, so you will need to go to an actual fence supplier.

No Climb Fence

A no-climb fence, also called a field fence or horse fence is a fence that has a 2-inch by 4-inch gap in a welded wire material. These types of fences work well for dogs and will generally prevent them from climbing. Like chain-link, it is possible for smaller dogs to get limbs stuck in the air gaps. These fences don’t have a rail in a position that assists a dog in climbing. There are some optional add-ons such as a bottom rail that is placed low enough to deter digging and a top rail and or a cap that provides a solid surface up top to make it more difficult to scale the fence.

Butler’s Own “Mina” Fence

We have created a special style of fence developed with Bastrop County residents in mind. We felt it fitting to call it “Mina” after the original name of Bastrop and the Central Texas area. This fence is uniquely durable for Bastrop County and is great for animals!

Mina Fence Features Include:

  • 5-inch treated round posts that are more durable than 4x4s that warp, bow, and crack and are more aesthetic than metal posts.
  • 3 rows of true 1-inch thick treated boards with an optional top cap placed horizontally for less warping and durability standing up to weather, animals, and gravity.
  • American-made galvanized and black vinyl-coated chain link steel with a 12-year manufacturer warranty.

The Mina Fence style option is great to deter dogs from climbing, gives a unique stylish look, and really pops when the wood is stained with the black chain-link. If you want to opt for the chain-link mini mesh or no-climb fence, that is also an option to ensure your dog will be completely safe with this style of fence.

Consider Some Fun Extras For Your Pets

Dog Dome

Give your little friend a nice viewing window so they can see you when you come home and you can see their excitement! A dog dome is a fun little add-on to a fence that shows off your pet’s cuteness while giving them a little more of the world to look at.

Doggy Door

We can install doggy doors on a wood privacy fence on a wall in your home or sunroom. Imagine not having to open the door every time your pet starts pawing at it, they can just come and go every time they need to get outside. It’s convenient for you and for them!

Dog Run

If you want a space for your pet to run and get some exercise but don’t want them wreaking havoc on your yard, consider having a dog run built. We can build you a dog run with custom dimensions and the right material for the application.

Butler Contracting Builds Dog-Friendly Fences

If you want a fence that is also pet-friendly, we can install it for you! Whether it’s a dog run, doggy dome or doggy door, we can make it happen. Get a quote by going to our website and filling out some basic info or get the process started by calling us directly at (844) 628-8537