Why Privacy Fences Have Become So Popular

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Many people are unaware of how easily a well-built privacy fence adds value to a home. But do these fences offer anything besides being an eye-catching and beautiful feature on the property? 

In this post, Butler Contracting discusses some of the top reasons that privacy fencing has become so popular. They also explore the many benefits these fixtures offer to homeowners.

Fences do far more than deter nosy neighbors. A quality fence also serves as the ultimate outdoor security platform. Here are three other benefits of going ahead with that fencing project:

Fences Reduce Noise

A fence not only enhances the look of your home but also creates a quiet place to relax. No one wants to hear traffic sounds late at night or listen to the pool party next door. A quality fence will reduce noise for a comfortable outdoor area and home.

Note that the noise reduction benefit works both ways for additional privacy. Now, you can confidently use your outdoor space late into the night without disturbing the neighbors.

Sturdy Fencing Offers Pet Security

privacy fence with pet domeHomebuyers are increasingly including pets as non-negotiable housing requirements, and why not? Pets are part of the family. A fenced-in backyard allows pets to roam without getting lost or stolen, which means happier pets and owners.


When you fence your space, the benefits extend to your pets and children. They can relax in a safe, controlled environment, and you can enjoy peace of mind around their outdoor playtime. As a side benefit, a good-quality privacy fence can increase your home’s desirability on the market if you decide to put it up for sale.

A Wind Barrier Fence Helps Gardens Thrive

The third benefit of fencing is the wind barrier it offers to the yard. It will keep lawn ornaments in place, protect siding and windows, and shelter plants. Most fences allow a gentle breeze through the yard while keeping out the gales that cause damage.

Fence Styles and Materials

Would you like to do some gardening, host a party, or let your children play outside safely without interruptions? There is a fence that will fit your requirements, whether it is durable concrete or a rustic bamboo fence. Selecting the right style, materials, and stain will also boost curb appeal, secure your home, and add potential market value.

Butler Contracting caters to all your fencing needs, including the following options:

  • Wooden fences cost more but enhance property value. Cedar, Redwood, and Douglas Fir are common wood choices.
  • A corrugated metal fence is a common choice for easy installation and modest prices.
  • Concrete and cast iron offer durability and additional security. However, keep in mind that shipping charges increase with heavier fence material and an outlying shipping address.

Butler Contracting: Fencing and More

Installing a fence in unused condition is easy with Butler Contracting’s competent professionals. Our team will also provide fence maintenance tips for a fence that will last for years to come. 

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