Why Fence Projects Can’t Be Quoted By the Foot

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You may have seen in the fence section of our website, some prices given by the foot with an asterisk. While we wish everything in life worked out to exact numbers and we could give you a final quote just by knowing the length of the fence you want built, in reality, it’s never quite that simple.


Fences are built in sections. The maximum length of most fence sections is 8 feet. When we’re given the total length of the fence desired, simply dividing the total fence length by 8 isn’t going to give us an accurate number of sections that need to be built. The reason why is because each side of the fence is rarely perfectly divisible by 8. This makes the sections of our fences vary in length, which may result in more sections than originally anticipated.


For instance, if we have a project with a total fence length of 400 feet, we could easily divide by 8 to determine how many 8 foot sections we would need to build (it would be 50). However, this will only be accurate if each side of the fence is perfectly divisible by 8. Because of topography and property line limitations that we have to work around, you could have a 400 foot fence with 4 sides of all different lengths. An example of this would be a 4-sided fence with lengths of 120 ft., 73 ft., 89 ft. and 118 ft..


120/8 = 15 sections. This works out nicely. Let’s keep going.


73/8 = 9.125 sections. We can’t build partial sections, so we would need to build 10 sections with lengths of 7.3 feet each (73 ft divided by 10 sections). 


89/8 = 11.125 sections. So close, but we’re going to have to add another section. We would build 12 sections that are 7.42 feet in length. 


118/8 = 14.75 sections. Once again, we have to round up to 15 sections, but they would be a different length than the sections of the 120 foot side. 118 divided by 15 would come out to 7.86 feet per section. 


Our original estimation, based on total fence length, told us that we needed 50 sections. But when we know the length of each side, the total number of sections changes. 15 + 10 + 12 + 15 = 52 sections. That’s 2 more sections than we originally anticipated. 

How To Get A Fence Quote

While basic pricing on total fence footage would be nice, it’s simply not accurate. We end up needing to build more or less sections depending on the configuration of the fence and the lengths of its sides. In some cases we may need to build less sections and using a per linear foot price would be over charging.  For a ballpark estimate you can check out fence pricing on our website and use our free online fence estimator tool here: https://butler.contractors/fencing-services/#estimator


Once you have a basic idea of style and layout we can schedule a call to discuss your project specifics.  If your comfortable moving forward at that point we will schedule an onsite consultation, take exact measurements, give you a pricing promise and get started installing your fence. Call 844-628-8537 or submit a project request on our website.