What to Look for When Choosing a General Contractor

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When you’ve got a project around your home or office, the first thing you typically think about is calling someone to fix it. Who you call is important. We are all operating with lean budgets and want to find someone to do the work cheap, but cheaper is not always better. In doing consultations for customers, we’ve heard some very interesting stories about supposed contractors people our customers hired before they called Butler Contracting. We are sharing a few tips for hiring a general contractor.

  1. Make sure the person you hire is credible. Referrals on social media are great (we love hearing from our customers!), but just one referral from one person on social media does not make a person credible as a general contractor who has a legitimate business. Often people thing that someone who is a handyman is a general contractor, but that’s not always the case. For more skilled projects like roof repairs, home remodels, and commercial upgrades, you want to make sure you are working with a real general contractor.
  2. Check their credentials. Before someone works on your home, ask for their certificate of insurance to ensure that they are actually insured for the type of work that they are doing. There are various kinds of insurance coverage for contractors, with endorsements and riders. Different repairs and remodeling projects require different coverage under insurance. Butler Contracting is insured for all types of projects, and we are happy to provide proof of insurance at any time.
  3. Find them in the community. Search for the company online, check out their website, read their online reviews. Legitimate companies are active in the community and are members of the local chamber of commerce because they value their reputation and want to help promote community activities.
  4. Give them a call. It sounds simple, but call the number listed online to make sure it works and that they are going to answer when you call with questions. There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to get the status of a project and having to play phone tag or to find that their number is no longer in service
  5. Don’t always seek the lowest price. The cost of doing business, including quality supplies and good employees is not always cheap. Find a contractor who values their team, has reliable equipment, and spends money on necessary insurance and permits. Dramatically cheaper quotes from someone likely means they’ll cut corners, use low-quality materials, and that their repair will require additional repairs later.

Follow these tips for choosing a general contractor for your next repair or remodel and give Butler Contracting a call (844) 628-8537 for your next project.