What Does My Roof Warranty Cover?

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You might not know anything about roof warranties other than the fact that you really want one. If that’s you, then you’ve come to the right place! There are many different roof warranty options that vary between manufacturers, whether it’s for an upgrade to your current roof, a repair to a damaged roof or a whole new roof for your new home. In this article we’ll break down what you’ll typically find and then show you what Butler Contracting offers.

Some roofing products come with a standard 10-year warranty from the manufacturer that covers material defects and even contractor mistakes. If your shingles malfunction or the roofer installed the shingles upside down, within the first 10-years the product manufacturer will cover the cost. Ideally your roof will last much longer than 10-years, which is why we offer extended warranty options. We expect that your roof will go far beyond the 10-year mark and we want you to have a warranty that goes beyond it as well.

30-Year and 50-year extended warranties

Butler Contracting is GAF certified, which enables us to offer 30-year and 50-year extended warranties as options when you have your new roof installed. The reason we’re able to offer these extended warranties is because, as a GAF certified roofing company, we install an entire roofing system with materials only made by GAF. Roof systems come with different qualifying products – from the underlayment to the ridge cap and ventilation, these parts all work together to keep your roof from leaking. Because we only use the correct parts within a GAF roof system, we can ensure that a GAF roof properly installed with qualifying parts will hold up for much longer than 10 years.  Be sure to read the fine print with other brands as many have hidden lines or exclusions often leaving you the homeowner with the bill.  Some warranties cover all the materials and a truck will come drop the materials off in the driveway leaving you the homeowner to pickup the bill for all the labor, materials other than shingles and disposal of the existing roof.

"Leak" Vs. "No Leak" Warranty

It’s very important to define whether your warranty is a “leak” warranty or a “no leak” warranty. Under a “leak” warranty, if damage to your roof occurs or a product malfunctions, the manufacturer will not cover the expense until the water starts leaking into your house. We don’t install products that have this type of warranty, because it causes headaches for our customers, unneeded interior repairs, and a ticking time bomb with insurance companies for the homeowner to have to sort through. The roof malfunction might be covered, but if there’s any damage to the home, you will more than likely be paying a deductible to your insurance company in order to cover the necessary repairs. It also has the potential for causing a big headache when you have to rearrange furniture due to the water damage and take time off from work to prevent further damages.


GAF, however, has a “No Leak” warranty –  if they produce a faulty product that malfunctions, they’re going to come payout to fix the problem whether the roof is leaking or not. This is why we prefer working with GAF, it provides a better quality product and service for our customers and less risk of having a ticking time bomb on your roof.

GAF Certified Contractor

There are several different roofing products and manufacturers to choose from, the three most popular being GAF, Owens Corning and CertainTeed. GAF has been in the shingle making industry since the 1890’s. They are the longest running shingle making company in the world. On top of having an impeccable track record, they also offer the best products on the market. We chose to become GAF certified because of their products and warranties. You can search for GAF Certified Contractors by zip code on this website. For the Bastrop area, Butler Contracting is among the first to come up!


If you’re interested in getting a roof inspection or a damage assessment from a recent storm or you’re just interested in getting an upgrade to your existing home or a brand new roof for the home you’re building, give Butler Contracting a call at (844) 628-8537.