The Natural Scenery of Bastrop State Park in Bastrop, Texas

The Bastrop State Park is located in the Lost Pines area of Bastrop County, Texas. The park included 5,964 acres (2,415 ha) of land and was under the operation of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. The Bastrop State Park is also a National Historic Landmark. Information can be found here.

The Bastrop State Park was one of the first State Parks to be built in Texas. It was constructed in the 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). The CCC was a federal program that put unemployed young men to work on projects in the area. The Bastrop State Park was built with CCC labor and is an excellent example of their work. The Bastrop State Park is heavily wooded with loblolly pine and lives oak. The woodlands are home to a variety of wildlife, including deer, squirrel, raccoon, opossum, armadillo, and many bird species. The park also has two lakes, Bastrop and Buescher, which are popular for fishing, swimming, and boating. Canoe and kayak rentals are available at the park. The Bastrop State Park is a great place to enjoy the outdoors and take in the natural scenery of Texas’s lost pines. Thank you for reading this article. See here for information about The Beauty of Lake Bastrop South Shore Park in Bastrop, Texas.