Does Deck and Fence Stain Kill Plants?

Stain and sealant can work wonders for most wood structures including decks, fences and even chicken coops and raised flower beds, but stains and sealants can also be harmful to the plant life that often surround these wood structures. How Stains and Sealants Are Harmful to Plants If you manage to get stain or sealant […]

How Much Does it Cost to Remove and Replace Deck Boards in Bastrop, TX?

A deck is one of the most enjoyable parts of a house, especially when the weather is nice! The only downside to them is that most decks are prone to wear and over time the boards break down and become brittle and are eventually hazardous to anyone who sets foot on them. If your deck […]

Outdoor Kitchen Guide for Central Texas

Outdoor kitchens are the perfect compliment to your outdoor living space and they give you the perfect setup to host friends and family for an awesome outdoor experience! Adding a kitchen on the outside of your house is a highly enjoyable way to increase the value of your home and gives you the possibility of […]

3 Screen Porch Companies In Bastrop, TX

Outdoor living spaces are growing in popularity as they are a great way to host company, spend time with family and create an enjoyable place to enjoy the outdoors with the conveniences of what you’d find inside your home. One variation of an outdoor space to consider is a screen porch, which is a structure […]

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Pergola In Bastrop, TX?

You’ve finally purchased a homestead and now you’re looking to build an outdoor living space to fully enjoy your property. Pergolas can be a nice touch to add to the aesthetic of an outdoor living space and really round out the backyard experience, but they can also have a few other perks as well. What […]

If My Fence Fell Over During a Windstorm Is It Covered By My Homeowners Insurance?

In general yes typically your fence being blown over or damaged by a storm should be covered under your homeowners insurance. Homeowners insurance will also cover fence damage for things such as wind, lightning, hail, fire, vehicle damage, and vandalism. Will My Insurance Replace The Entire Fence If There Is Damage Covered By My Policy? […]

How Much Does It Cost To Cover a Pergola in Bastrop, TX

Outdoor living spaces have grown in popularity and for good reason. They’re a great way to host a get together in an enjoyable environment or just enjoy the evening weather with comfort. You went through the effort of putting in a nice space for your family, make sure to protect it by installing the proper […]

Is a Wood or Steel Framed Deck Better in Bastrop, TX?

Wood is the go to material to build a great many structures in the modern age, especially when it comes to outdoor living spaces. It may not have even crossed your mind that you could use a steel frame to build a deck on the back of your house. Well, you can! The question is, […]

Is Wood or Composite Decking Better in Bastrop, TX?

Decking materials have changed over the years and while your biggest decision used to come down to what type of wood and paint you were going to use, today there are several more options, one of which is composite decking. Different manufacturers have a slightly different take on how they make composite decking, but in […]