Smithville, Texas

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The city of Smithville is located in the rural section of eastern Bastrop County. Smithville is conveniently located in a central location between Houston and Austin. Other cities, including San Antonio and Bryan College station, are within a two-hour drive from Smithville. This is what makes Smithville the perfect place to visit or do business.

Buescher State Park can be found outside the town, while Bastrop State Park can be found 10 miles down Park 1C. Smithville also has a recreation center and an airport. The city also boasts other attractions that you can visit, and they include.

The Smithville Heritage House & Museum consists of Smithville’s history. The museum represents an example of late-Victorian architecture as it was built in 1908. You can find exhibits, collectibles, furnishings, and memorabilia on the second floor of the house. There is also plenty of heritage and history stored in a climate-controlled building in the backyard of the Smithville Heritage House & Museum.

Vernon Richards Park

The Vernon L. Richards Park is located along the lower Colorado River banks. The park offers a wide selection of recreation facilities, including overnight campsites, a large Pavilion, and an indoor meeting facility. The Pavilion has kitchen facilities, and it can be rented for other events during the year. On the inside, you can also find a covered stage and a covered dance. 

In addition, there are acres of old oaks for shade with picnic tables underneath where you and your loved ones can host parties, reunions, and other special events. At the park, you can find a golf course, a softball field, and sand volleyball pits for team play.

Rocky Hill Ranch

This ranch consists of a trail that can be used for mountain biking, running and birding. The good thing about the trail is that you will not encounter many people while exploring, as it is considered a challenging trail. You can also take your dog, but it must be on a leash. The ranch consists of many trees that provide a cool environment for exploring.

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