Should I Fence In My Garden?

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Gardens are awesome and they can grow plants, vegetables and flowers whether you have a fence or not, but here are a few reasons why a garden fence is necessary and what types of fences and materials are available to fit your needs and style.

The wind and rain can be pretty harsh towards your botanical children and so can the sun! Having the right fence around your plantlife can provide the right bit of shelter and can offer some strategy into what plants you place where. Some may need more sunlight than others and some might be a little more sensitive to wind and cold. This gives you some options to better cater to the needs of your plants.

Keep Out Animals

One of the biggest reasons to put a fence around your garden is simply to keep your veggies from getting eaten by something other than you and your family! Depending on what critter is posing the biggest threat, you may have different fence needs. If you’re trying to keep out the rabbits, the fence doesn’t need to be very high, but it does need to have a pretty narrow mesh. Rabbits can fit through very small openings. Lining a nice picket fence with critterfence should do the trick.

If you’re trying to keep the deer away, you’re going to have to get a little more serious about your fence. It will need to be at least 8 feet high should be a Safe Fence to prevent the deer from getting hurt.  Deer can however get stuck between the vertical bars of an ornamental fence.  In general deer will not jump a solid fence or a fence that they can not see what is on the other side, so keep that in mind when planning your garden fence.

It Looks Good!

Gardens are beautiful, but a garden with the right fence around it looks straight out of a storybook! Fences have their practical purposes, but they can really tie-in a backyard as well.

Gives Exact Amount of Garden Space

If you’re a person who doesn’t know when to quit, a fence can be a pretty way reigning in your green thumb. Committing to a fence will help you commit to a specific amount of garden space, which makes it much easier to plan how many plants of which type and exactly how much soil, mulch and fertilizer you will need. Having the optimal amount of everything you need cuts down on waste.

Fence Types and Materials

There are many different styles of fence and fence materials to choose from. Each with their own aesthetic and maintenance needs.

Wood Picket Fence

A very common choice that is reliable, but has some maintenance needs. Depending on what look you’re going for, the fence will need to be stained, sealed or painted every few years or so. You do, however, have a wide variety of stain colors to choose from and can easily match the aesthetic of your house.

Ornamental Iron

Ornamental Iron Fences are very durable and hold up under the weather well. They don’t require a whole lot of maintenance, but do need cleaning every so often. Cleaning a fence is much less taxing than staining a fence.

Chain Link

Another low-maintenance option, but perhaps not the most aesthetically desirable. They do kind of stick out like a sore thumb, but they are easy for certain plants to grow on!

Vinyl Coated Chain Link

They are essentially a chain link fence with a coating that protects the fence from rust, causing the fence to last longer than a regular chain link fence.

If you would like to know more about each of these types of fences, check out our article title, “How Long Will My Fence Last?

Acts as a Trellis for Certain Plants

Fences can act as a place for certain plants and vines to grow on, which makes these fences look even better! A few plants that grow well on trellises or pergolas in Central Texas are Carolina Jessamine, Coral Honeysuckle and Bougainvillea. Each are vining plants with beautiful and colorful flowers!

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