Seasonal Reminders December

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We all know there are routine preventative maintenance projects that we should do as homeowners, but not everyone knows what they are. As we go into the cooler season, it is imperative that you inspect these five areas of your home to ensure you are protected from long-term damage:

1.) Gutters – If gutters are not cleaned regularly, they can cause major damage, resulting in costly repairs to you. Not only do we clean gutters, but we also sell and install a great product called the GutterBrush Leaf Guard, which nestles in your gutters and prevents clogging.

2.) Shingles – Ensure that minor repairs are addressed before winter storms cause major damage. Even though your roof is over your head every night, it is often out of sight and out of mind. If your shingles have experienced damage, it’s very easy for winter rain, hail, and wind storms to deteriorate the shingles at their already weak points.

3.) Vents/Ventilation – Not only is it important to ensure that your vents are sealed so that they can work correctly, but they need to be sealed to keep pests out. Additionally, you should ensure that the roof on your house is properly vented (even new homes often do not have adequate ventilation using the 300:1 ratio). Our team will inspect your roof and vents to make sure that you are ready for the winter.

4.) Flashing – When it’s pouring rain, the last thing you want to do is walk under your roof and have buckets of water dumped on you. It’s important to check that the flashing is in its proper place, intact, and sealed correctly.

5.) Attic – Roof inspections are not complete without an attic inspection. There are often issues in attics that end up going untreated. While we are in the attic, we can find faults and issues with the room that might have gone unnoticed for some time.

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