Safe Fencing Is Something You Need To Know About

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There has been growing concern in the Austin area about the safety of ornamental iron and wrought iron fences with a pointed design at the top of the fence. So much so that the City of Austin is considering a resolution that would require all new fences below 6 feet to have a flat top. That same requirement would also be applied to substantial fence repairs or remodeling of 50% or more of an existing fence. 

Some iron fence stylings have pointed ends sticking up that have repeatedly endangered wildlife as well as humans. Due to the high number of deer impaling themselves on these ornamental metal fences, Lakeway, Texas passed an ordinance that has officially banned new spiked and open picket fencing in the city. It appears that Austin will follow suit and your city might be next.

If the resolution in Austin is passed, the following requirements would go into effect:


  • Requiring flat top styles on new fences of all lengths 
  • Applying flat top fence requirements to all new fences of six feet tall or lower 
  • Applying flat top fence requirements to substantial fence repairs or remodeling of 50% or more of an existing fence

While it’s likely that if you’ve owned a fence featuring spikes without witnessing a tragedy because of it, it’s important to understand the severity of what others have experienced and what is driving the push for safe fence adoption. A mother lost her child due to an accident that could have been prevented with a safer design. A teenager died after piercing his neck on the spike of a metal fence while a roofer made a false step that led to impaling his torso on a fence. There’s also the possibility of being awakened by the wails of a deer that didn’t quite make the leap. Though these incidents are not particularly common, for those that have been affected, taking precaution by making a safe fence conversion would have been well worth it for them and it might be for you as well.

We Install Safe Fences

If you’re installing a new fence, it’s a good idea to be in compliance before and after the resolution becomes a requirement of the city. Even if you’re not in Austin, chances are these standards will be adopted in other towns across the state of Texas. Butler Contracting will make sure that your new fence will be a safe fence in compliance with all city ordinance requirements and that you won’t have to modify or update your fence later. If you’re remodeling or adding to an existing fence, we can convert the existing fence to a safe fence if the conditions permit.

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