How Much Is A Solar Gate Operator In Bastrop, Texas?

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Have you ever pulled up to your property only to have to get out of your vehicle and manually open your gate?  Does your gate sag and drag to the ground? Do you need oven hot mits to open your gate on a 100 plus degree day in Bastrop County, Texas? Have you ever had to get out of the car and get soaked in the rain just to open the gate to your driveway? Gates are nearly a requirement in Texas, keeping livestock and pets on the right side of the fence as well as protecting and securing your property from unwanted intruders and solicitors.

When you are finally fed up with your gate and have made the decision to install a Solar Gate Operator, you can expect to invest in installed units starting at $5,000 to $12,000 depending on the system and options you choose.  There are many options when it comes to a Solar Gate Operator System, however they are not all equal in features, warranty, and quality.

LiftMaster: is a quality brand that is a global corporation with locations throughout the US, Mexico, Germany, and Australia and have been making access control systems since 1967.  Famously known for their LiftMaster garage door openers they also make a wide variety of solar gate operators and access control systems. Many of the LiftMaster units are compatible with security systems on the market and can integrate with their software for monitoring your gate.  If you’re looking for a product with durability, a great warranty and can handle some tech in there, then the LiftMaster option is for you. Our Liftmaster Solar Gate Operators come with a manufacturer warranty that includes 7 years for residential and 5 years for Commercial.  That industry-leading manufacturer warranty along with Butler Contracting’s 2-year parts and labor warranty after install makes for one of the best industry-leading values on the market.

Apollo Gate Operators: Since 1982, these American-assembled units have been on the market and are a reliable option for a Solar Gate Operator System.  While free shipping on replacement parts is a perk, most of these units will last years before upgrades are needed.  Apollo Gate Operators have a 2-year limited manufacturer warranty and a 3-year registered warranty.  Apollo Gate Operators do miss out on many of the features Liftmaster offers, but it’s still a quality system to open the gate.  If you’re looking for a basic, simple and economical option, this may be the gate operator for you.

US Automatic Patriot and Ranger Gate Operators:  These U.S.-manufactured gate operator systems have been around since 1982 and US Automatic prides themselves on quality customer service.  They have a wide variety of Solar Gate Operators to choose from regardless of your needs in residential, commercial, agriculture and industrial.  The majority of the US Automatic units come with a 3-year warranty from the date of manufacture and some units come with a 5-year control board warranty.

We Do Not Suggest These Solar Gate Operators

Mighty Mule Gate Operators:  These units may be attractive and affordable options that are usually sold locally at most big box stores such as Home Depot, Lowes, and Tractor Supply; however, the reality is that Mighty Mule Gate Operators are far from affordable.  These units often come broken off the shelf right out of the box.  Some common issues with Mighty Mule Gate Operators are motherboards, transmitters, and other components that are often defective when you purchase them. This leads you on a wild goose chase of ordering parts and then figuring out how to replace them from day 1 when you purchase the unit. It becomes a hassle and stressful process ultimately leading you to call someone out to fix the new DIY project you purchased only to find out most professional Solar Gate Operator Installation companies will not work on them, like Butler Contracting.  If you’re looking for a cheap, unreliable option, then a Mighty Mule Gate Operator is for you.

Ghost Control Gate Operators, while there are some very attractive features to this Florida-based company, such as Party Mode that allows the gate to be left open as long as you would like, blocking anyone else from closing it and turning the unit off with a remote transmitter.  These units can be expensive based on features,  however, they do offer a limited lifetime warranty on the motor and gearbox, but only feature a 2-year warranty on all of the other components.  This product is newer to the marketplace and has a lot of features ahead of the competitors such as vacation mode, which locks out all other transmitters as well as other high-tech features.  Don’t get us wrong, they are decent Solar Gate Operator units. While the Ghost Control Solar Gate Operators are great for residential use, The biggest reason we do not recommend them is because their units are not heavy duty or practical for large gate systems in commercial, industrial, and heavy agriculture use.  If you are a homeowner, this may be the system for you.  Especially if you are into high-tech Tesla style technology.  This Solar Gate Operator would be the Tesla equivalent of the Solar Gate Operator industry.

Online Overseas Brands: There are many online and overseas Solar Gate Operator brands on the market that look attractive and may be inexpensive,  however, the reality is that once you purchase them it is nearly impossible to get any of the components to repair them or replace them. They are not compatible with other Solar Gate Operator units or parts sold in America and most do not have a warranty unless you get lucky and can return them through Amazon. Save yourself the hassle and select a Solar Gate Operator listed above, such as LiftMaster, Apollo or US Automatic or if it’s the right fit, Ghost Control. You will be thankful that you did!

Is A Solar Gate Operator Right For Me?

Most residential solar gate operators are rated for 10-12 cycles per day, so if you come and go a few times a day, a Solar Gate Operator may be best for you. If solar is not right for you or your property is high traffic – either residential, commercial, industrial or agriculture, the main brands listed above make multiple hardwire gate operator systems with a variety of options to meet your needs.  Some of the units are universal, meaning you can start out with solar and convert it to hardwire power down the road if you desire.

Butler Contracting Installs Solar Gate Operators In Bastrop, Texas And The Surrounding Areas:

Butler Contracting is a member of the American Fence Association and our team at Butler Contracting completes annual training with the American Fence Association including Solar Gate Operator Design and Technician training.  When a Butler Contracting technician shows up at your home for a Solar Gate Operator Installation or a service call for repairs, they are trained by industry-leading experts from an industry-backed association.  When you’re ready for a Solar Gate Operator, call the experts at Butler Contracting.  Butler Contracting also offers a Solar Gate Operator Annual Service Plan to keep your system running with the preventative maintenance it needs, so you’re not out in the pouring rain opening your Solar Gate Operator. Get the easy process started today: Call 844-628-8537 or submit a request on our website at Butler.Contractors.