How Much Does it Cost to Remove and Replace Deck Boards in Bastrop, TX?

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A deck is one of the most enjoyable parts of a house, especially when the weather is nice! The only downside to them is that most decks are prone to wear and over time the boards break down and become brittle and are eventually hazardous to anyone who sets foot on them. If your deck is made of wood, it’s not “if”, but “when” deck boards will need to be removed and replaced. Let’s take a look at how much a deck resurfacing will cost!

The cost of a deck resurface depends on a few things: how many deck boards actually need to be replaced, the material that they’re made of and whether or not there is damage to the frame and other parts or hardware that may need to be repaired or replaced. Though there are several varieties of deck materials, the scope of this article will focus on pressure treated wood and composite decking material. If you would like to see a comparison of wood decks vs composite decks, you can read this article.

Though the costs may vary depending on material and amount of decking material needed, we’ve made a pricing structure based on these two factors.

Pressure Treated Deck Resurface Cost:


10×10 – $3,500

10×16 – $3,800

10×20 – $4,300

10×30 – $5,200

Composite Deck Resurface Cost: 

(complete removal of wood deck surface and an installation composite deck boards) 


10×10 – $6,500

10×16 – $9,600

10×20 – $11,200

10×30 – $15,200


These prices are assuming that you don’t need any further repair to the frame of the deck.

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