How Much Does it Cost to Remodel a Bathroom in Bastrop, TX?

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Bathroom remodels have vastly grown in popularity and we get several calls inquiring of the process. The most often asked and most obvious question is, “how much does something like this cost?”. There are several different types and styles of bathroom remodels that all have a lot of variations to choose from. Asking “how much does it cost?” is a bit of a loaded question – it’s like walking into a car dealership for a brand new car and asking “how much?”. There’s always trim packages available that have optional luxury features that can affect the overall cost. The same goes for bathroom remodels, prices of vanities and lighting fixtures can vary greatly depending on what you want. Let’s break down how we approach pricing out a bathroom remodel.

Our approach at Butler Contracting to bathroom remodel pricing can be easily understood by separating them into the following tiers:

Standard Half-Bath Remodel Starting at $8,500

A half-bath remodel will result in a nice refresh that can drastically improve the look and feel of the bathroom without doing a complete overhaul. A standard half-bath remodel includes:


  • Upgraded vanity with quartz countertop
  • New toilet
  • New tile flooring
  • New fixtures
  • Repainted walls


All starting prices can change depending on the materials and fixtures chosen for the remodel.

Standard Full Bathroom Remodel Starting at $10,000

Similarly to the half-bath remodel, a full bath adds a new shower and/or tub to the list of replacements:


  • Steel or fiberglass tub replacement and/or shower wall surround 
  • Upgraded vanity with quartz countertop
  • New tile flooring
  • New fixtures
  • Repainted walls


Includes new vinyl or tile flooring, sink, single vanity, countertops, toilet, plumbing, light fixtures, and mirror for a guest bathroom.

Master Bathroom Remodel Starting at $17,500

A master bathroom remodel adds a fan or heat lamp to the list, but also includes higher quality lighting and flooring. The price can fluctuate depending on the fixtures that you decided on, a single vanity can range from $200 to $2000 dollars. There are fluctuations with different styles of countertops, lighting and tubs as well. Options in this package include:


  • Tub/shower replacement 
  • Walk in tile shower construction 
  • Soaking bathtub
  • Tile flooring
  • Exhaust fan and/or heat lamp upgrade
  • Glass Shower Door
  • Repainted Walls


Includes new tile flooring, sink, dual vanity, quartz countertops, toilet, plumbing and light fixtures, and mirror for a master bathroom.

Bathroom Oasis Starting at $30,000

The purpose of this tier is to create a space in your home that gives you a nice place to relax. Perhaps you want a jacuzzi tub or a shower with glass walls, maybe a higher quality tile for the floors. The Bathroom Oasis is meant to be your own private escape inside the walls of your own home. 


  • Walk in tile shower with (glass and quartz slab wall options)
  • Frame less glass shower doors
  • Soaking bathtub
  • Upgraded deluxe tile flooring 
  • Upgraded toilets
  • Upgraded lighting
  • Exhaust fan and/or heat lamp upgrade
  • Repainted Walls


Includes new deluxe tile flooring, deluxe sink, dual vanity, toilet, plumbing and light fixtures, deluxe lighted mirror, and quartz or granite countertops for a master bathroom.

Luxury Bathroom Starting at $40,000

If money isn’t an issue, the luxury bathroom is meant to maximize everything about the Bathroom Oasis. This could mean adding a couples shower, a very large tub and using marble for the countertops. This is where you let your dreams run wild and we make it happen.


  • Custom finish options
  • Couples shower
  • Large soaking bathtub
  • Upgraded tile
  • Marble countertops
  • Premium tile flooring 
  • Upgraded toilets
  • Upgraded lighting
  • High end exhaust fan and/or heat lamp upgrade
  • Repainted Walls


Includes new stone or marble flooring, stone, marble, or glass backsplash, luxury dual vanity, glass shower enclosure, soaker tub, lighted mirror, designer toilet, plumbing and light fixtures, and stone, marble, or quartz countertop for a high-end master bathroom.

Pricing Recap

Here’s a recap on a basic estimation of what a bathroom remodel will cost based on the options you select.










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