How Much Does It Cost To Cover a Pergola in Bastrop, TX

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Outdoor living spaces have grown in popularity and for good reason. They’re a great way to host a get together in an enjoyable environment or just enjoy the evening weather with comfort. You went through the effort of putting in a nice space for your family, make sure to protect it by installing the proper roof on your pergola.

What is the Hercules System? It’s a system of UV resistant sheets that provide leak-proof protection for your pergola and outdoor living space.  Perhaps the most appealing part of the hercules system for Texans is the quadruple layered polycarbonate sheets that can lower the temperature under the pergola roof by upto 15 degrees! Most months out of the year, cooler is better. The UV protection also reduces the wear on your patio furniture caused by the sunlight.

The Hercules System has been rated for 125-mph winds (a category 3 hurricane) and has guaranteed protection for ¾ inch hail that punctures even a single layer of the sheets. The Hercules System also comes with a 10-year manufacturer warranty that covers leaks, discoloration and the covering material turning brittle.

There are also a few options for aesthetic purposes, the Hercules System in three standard colors: Ice White, Bronze and Clear.

The Cost To Cover Your Patio With The Hercules System

The price for this pergola roofing system can be shown below.


Starting at:


10×10 – $2,500

12×12 – $2,800

10×16 – $3,200

10×20 – $4,500

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