How Do I Get an Estimate for a Project?

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At Butler Contracting we have a simple and systematic approach to giving bids for your projects. The first thing you need to do is narrow down what type of project you would like us to complete for you. If you take a look at our website you’ll find that we offer Fence Building, Roofing, Bathroom Remodeling and more! You’ll find plenty of examples with detailed pictures of our work we’ve done in the past that we’re proud of. You can get a rough idea of basic pricing for fencing, roofing and remodeling here, but for a more detailed estimate, you can submit a project request and receive a virtual estimate here.


Just fill out your basic info and we will send you a text with a link to take a video of your project. After we receive your video, we will schedule a phone call and inquire of more specific details. This will allow us to give you a rough estimate for pricing. If you find the rough estimate to be acceptable, then we’ll set up an onsite, in-person consultation where we will take final measurements and give you what we call a “Pricing Promise”. From there, you can sign the contract, put down your deposit, and get your project started!

There is a common misconception about Butler Contracting – some folks think that we charge for an estimate, but that is not the case. An estimate is completely FREE! We only charge for planning, design packages and onsite consultation. Should you get this far in the process you will receive a Pricing Promise that will never change after you sign the contract for your project

A lot of folks think that in order to get an estimate, they have to schedule a time for a contractor to come out between a given time that requires you to take the day off from work, but we’ve made it really easy to get a FREE roofing estimate!


We use technology that allows you to share information with us about your specific project, for instance, if it’s an insurance job, you can send us your insurance estimate as well as other details that will help us get an idea for a ballpark bracket pricing. We’ll follow up your inquiry with a scheduled phone consultation where we’ll go over some of the finer details that will allow us to give you a Pricing Promise for your roofing project.

Fence Estimate

Did you know we don’t actually have to show up on your property to give you an estimate?


You can use our FREE fencing estimator tool instead! Fill out your info and let us know a few details about the fence you would like us to build, such as size, footage, layout and how many gates you would like and we’ll give you a rough estimate. We’ll follow up with a scheduled phone call to gather more details and if you still want to follow through with the project, we will come out for exact measurements and nail down a Pricing Promise that we always honor. After you sign the contract and pay your deposit, we’ll be ready to get started on your fence!