Filing an Insurance Claim

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At Butler Contracting, we work with customers to manage repairs that are covered by insurance. Sometimes when we do a consultation on a repair, the customer doesn’t know that they can actually file an insurance claim for the repair; they thought they were just calling us to come out and fix something. We can help you navigate whether or not your particular project at your home or personal business may qualify under your insurance policy. We want to make sure that you’re getting the maximum value for what you’re already paying for in your insurance policy.

One of the ways we do that at Butler Contracting is with the bid. A lot of insurance companies are moving away from sending an adjuster out to assess the damage and more towards getting estimates and bids from the clients (which is you, the policy holder). Insurance companies want you to seek out contractors to put together bids on the repair need and submit that to them. The insurance company will use that information to pay you out on what the damages are. What this means is that it actually makes you and your general contractor do free work for a policy you already pay for with you insurance company. With that in mind, when you are searching for a contractor, you want to make sure that you have a contractor that actually understands the insurance process and know what they are looking for so you can get the maximum value out of whatever damages might be there to get your policy to cover it.

Watch out for roof repairs and roof. If you have roof damage, for example, we can come out and take a look at your roof to check for wind or hail damage and missing shingles. You could probably find someone to come over and do a cheap repair, but that might void the warranty on that roof and prevent the insurance company from paying for something in the future. It may be that instead of you paying someone out of pocket to do a roof repair that you could have your insurance company pay to replace the roof completely.

When you’ve got a repair, it is important to call someone who understands insurance claims and knows how to write bids to get the most value out of your insurance policy for your repair. Butler Contracting has 12 years of experience working with insurance claims. Ready to see if your repair could be claimed? Give us a call, we’re happy to help you! (844)-6BUTLER.