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Fences serve multiple vital purposes on your property, from providing protection to adding aesthetic value. However, finding trustworthy fencing contractors who can design and install appealing fences for your property can be challenging. If you’re interested in adding a new fence to your Bastrop, Texas property, Butler Contracting is an expert Bastrop fencing contractor with affordable prices.

Install a Beautiful New Fence in Bastrop, Texas

As an experienced fence installation company in Texas, we have completed hundreds of projects resulting in stunning new fences for homeowners. At Butler Contracting, our team can handle the entire fence installation, ensuring your new fence is sturdy, durable, and appealing.
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Types of Fences We Install

At Butler Contracting, we can provide Texas residents with a wide range of fences, from traditional picket fences to towering privacy fences. Depending on your budget and goals, different styles and materials may be ideal, so feel free to contact us to discuss your options and choose the best fit.

Wooden Fences

A wooden fence can add a rustic touch to your yard while also providing a layer of privacy and security. While these fences do not offer the durability and versatility of other materials, their timeless style allows them to mesh with various architectural styles and makes them an excellent option for many homeowners.

Privacy Fences

If you want true privacy from neighbors and passersby, a privacy fence is what you need. These barriers block views from outside, ensuring you can relax at home without worrying. While privacy fences create a more enclosed effect than other fences, many like the seclusion they provide.

Chain-Link Fences

Homeowners interested in the highest level of protection at an affordable price should consider a chain-link fence from a Bastrop fencing contractor. Although not always as aesthetically appealing as alternative materials, aluminum fencing is durable and brings a range of other advantages. Aluminum is highly impact-resistant, which can protect you in more situations than other materials.
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Frequently Asked Questions

There are many different types of fences, but some can be stronger than others. The most durable and secure type is made from steel or concrete with an electric current running through it to make sure no one messes around on their property!

How long does a wood fence typically last? The lifespan of any type and style can vary depending on many factors including climate, material used for construction as well as proper maintenance but in general most owners get 20-30 years from their fences before it needs replacing.

Butler contracting does provide fencing services for all of Central Texas!

The general lifespan for these fences is 20-30 years, but there are some factors that can affect their durability. For instance, if your home gets hit with too much sun or rain then expect shorter life spans from the surface of any materials on it (vinyl included). You should also keep in mind what kind size pieces were installed when considering installation quality as well – larger gaps may result in quicker deterioration due to exposure elements such as colder winters which cause ice formation along edges where water could seep through easily leading quickly towards rustoration over time!

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If you’re planning a Bastrop fencing project, we’re here to help. Home improvement projects can be overwhelming, so choosing experienced professionals is crucial. When you choose Butler Contracting out of all the fencing companies for your project, you guarantee the successful outcome of a beautiful new barrier for your property.

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