Fence Rules and Regulations In Austin, Texas

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In each City there are different rules and regulations that need to be followed based on Federal, State, County, and local municipality laws. A couple of the most common questions we are asked are, “What type of fence can I build on my property?” or “Do I need a fence permit?”  Those are great questions and the answers depend on the specifics of your situation. In this article we will dive into when you do and do not need a fence permit in Austin, Texas.

In general you are not required to obtain a permit to repair, replace, or construct a residential fence that is 7 feet or below within the City limits of Austin, Texas. However, if you live within a Floodplain it is required to submit a permit with the City of Austin for review of your proposed fence no matter the style and height of the fence. You can see if your property is in a designated floodplain by using this FloodPro Tool.

Call 811 Before You Dig

Regardless of whether you’re doing a DIY project or hiring someone to install your fence, be sure 811 is called out to mark public utilities such as gas lines, water, sewer, underground fiber optics, and electrical lines. Hitting one of these lines can be costly, cause property damage, cause injury, or even death. If you hire a contractor make sure they do not start your project until this has been done. Calling 811 is not a suggestion, it is the law. To learn more about 811 and utility marking read this article we wrote.

Can I Build A Fence 8 Feet or Taller?

Yes, you can build a fence over 8 feet tall in the City of Austin as long as it is allowed by your HOA, but it will require a permit with the City. The City of Austin Residential Fence Permit Application can be found here in PDF form. In addition, you cannot construct a solid fence in excess of 7 feet tall within City Limits. All fences shall meet the City of Austin Building Code 25-2-899 (Sections E-G). There is an exception for certain situations as stated in the code and a variance can be approved by the City of Austin’s Board of Adjustments for your project upon request in the permit application.

Safe Fences

While safe fences are not currently a code requirement in the City of Austin it is still something you should be aware of when planning your fence. There has been some push and movement to change the current regulations when it comes to ornamental fences with pickets on top to ensure there is a solid top bar for safety reasons. Here at Butler Contracting we suggest constructing a “Safe Fence” whenever possible to ensure the safety of your family, pets, wildlife, and the community as well as ensuring you are not liable in the event of an accident. You can learn more about Safe Fences in this article we wrote and see if you want to elect to get one installed.

What Type Of Fence Materials Are Approved By The City of Austin?

The City of Austin does not restrict or regulate any style of fence or materials as long as they do not exceed 8 feet in height, follow building code, are compliant with Texas state laws for pool fences (Check Out Pool Fence Regulations in Texas Here) and meet HOA requirements.  Otherwise you can be creative in the style and type of fence you want to build on your property.  If you live in an HOA, learn about your rights and some of the recent changes in the Texas Legislative code and Senate Bill 1588.

How Do You Get Started Building Your Fence?

If you are doing a DIY project, you should have what you need to get started with the information provided in this article. Otherwise, let Butler Contracting, the fence professionals handle the rules, regulations, permitting, and construction of your fence. 

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