? Construction Corner ? | May 2021

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We are finally experiencing spring in Texas! At Butler Contracting, we want to help you get the most out of the wonderful weather. We can build a backyard oasis for you to enjoy with your friends and family. In the video below, I talk about a pergola project we recently completed for a customer. If you are interested in a pergola at your home, we have several options available. You can check them out below.

Alan Butler

Owner, Butler Contracting
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Alan talks about a recent pergola Butler Contracting designed and built for a customer.

This option can be framed with treated, cedar, or yellow pine.  Go with a shade wall or leave it open because this option has a full roof for ultimate shade from the Texas sun.  Get that Texas rustic look in your back yard today.  You can select a fully synthetic hail resistant shake style shingle for added character. Select a deep penetrating oil based stain to seal and protect your investment from the Texas weather. Excludes any concrete or flat work.


This 10×20 pergola can be constructed with treated, cedar, or yellow pine. Painting or staining included, constructed with structural screws, and painted joist hangers can be installed on existing concrete slab or in ground. This simple structure will enhance your outdoor space and you will enjoy making memories with this traditional pergola. Excludes any concrete or flat work. 


This 16×20 pergola Includes a 16×20 concrete slab, 4×4 11-gauge square metal, 2×4 metal post, industrial enamel paint, structural screws and lags, painted joist hangers, the battens can be treated, cedar, or yellow pine. Includes painting or staining. This is a very durable long lasting structure with minimal long-term maintenance.