Bad Cell Service Try a Booster!

Serving Bastrop county and other surrounding areas in TX since 2015 and helping homeowners get closer to the perfect vision for their home.

Out in the Lost Pines of Texas, there are lots of cell phone dead zones. If you have bad cell signal wherever you live, we can help you out with that. We can install cell boosters and antennas to improve your cell service. There are different options for different cases, but we’ll come out and do a consultation to figure out the right methodology is for you to mitigate your problems. A lot of rural customers that we work for have really bad cell service and we have solutions and fixes for that. When we come out for a consultation, we will identify the best point of direction for you to pick up some cell signal from a tower. We can also install antennas as well if you want to get a nice 360 digital antenna and get some extra channels on the TV.

We can put one of those up for you as well. So give us a call and check out what we can do, (844)-6BUTLER or visit our website at