Automatic Gates in Bastrop, Texas: Pros, Cons, and Cost

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Automatic gates are a popular choice for homeowners in Bastrop, Texas who are looking for increased security and convenience. At Butler Contracting, we build and install fences and gates throughout Bastrop and the surrounding areas, and we’ve seen firsthand the benefits and potential drawbacks of automatic gates. In this article, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of automatic gates, as well as their cost and different options available.

Automatic gates are typically operated by an electric motor that opens and closes the gate using a remote control or keypad. The motor is usually powered by a battery or by connecting to the main power supply of the property. The gate can be programmed to open and close automatically at specific times, or it can be controlled manually using a remote control or keypad.

Automatic gates can be made of a variety of materials, including wood, metal, and vinyl. They can be designed to swing open like traditional gates, or they can slide horizontally to open and close.

Types of Automatic Gates

There are several types of automatic gates available, each with its own unique features and benefits. Here are a few of the most common types:


Swing gates: Swing gates are hinged on one side and swing open like a door. They can be single or double gates, and they are typically less expensive than sliding gates.


Sliding gates: Sliding gates are typically more expensive than swing gates, but they are ideal for properties with limited space for a swinging gate. They slide along a track to open and close, which requires less clearance space than a swinging gate.


Vertical pivot gates: Vertical pivot gates are less common than swing and sliding gates, but they are a good option for properties with uneven terrain or steep slopes. They pivot vertically to open and close.


Bi-fold gates: Bi-fold gates are similar to vertical pivot gates, but they fold in half instead of pivoting vertically. They are a good option for properties with limited space for a sliding gate.

Pros of Automatic Gates

Increased security: Automatic gates provide an added layer of security to your property in Bastrop, making it more difficult for intruders to gain access.


Convenience: With an automatic gate opener, you can easily control who enters and exits your property without having to get out of your car.


Enhanced curb appeal: An automatic gate can improve the appearance of your property, potentially increasing its value.

Cons of Automatic Gates

Higher cost: Automatic gates can be more expensive than traditional gates, both in terms of the initial installation and ongoing maintenance costs.


Potential for malfunctions: As with any mechanical device, automatic gates can experience malfunctions that may require repairs or replacements.

Limited access during power outages: In the event of a power outage, your automatic gate may not work, which could limit your ability to enter or exit your property.

How Much Does It Cost To Install An Automatic Gate?

The cost of installing an automatic gate can vary depending on several factors, including the size and type of gate, the complexity of the installation, and the features and accessories you choose. At Butler Contracting, we offer a range of automatic gate options however, we offer our signature Lift Master Gate Opener starting at $6,500 for a basic single swing gate operator system.

What Is The Cheapest Automatic Gate?

While automatic gates can be more expensive than traditional gates, there are some affordable options available. Some of the cheapest automatic gates include:


Chain link gates: Chain link gates are typically less expensive than other types of gates, and they can be automated with a gate opener.


DIY automatic gate kits: If you’re handy, you can purchase a DIY automatic gate kit and install it yourself to save money.


Single swing gates: Single swing gates are typically less expensive than double swing gates or sliding gates.

Which Automatic Gate Opener Is Best?

Choosing the right automatic gate opener is important to ensure that your gate functions properly and provides the level of security and convenience you need. Some of the best automatic gate openers include:


LiftMaster: LiftMaster is a well-known brand in the gate opener industry and offers a range of options to fit different gate sizes and types.


USAutomatic: A great all-around and reliable product made right here in the U.S.A. They don’t offer all the features that LiftMaster offers, but are still a high-quality product worth looking into. 

Nice Apollo Gate Openers: Another good quality American product with reasonable prices. Swing gate and slide gate openers are both available as well as barrier arm openers.

Butler Contracting Automatic Solar Gate Opener Video

Learn more about which brands to get and which to stay away from in the video below.

Is It Time To Finally Get An Automatic Gate Opener?

At Butler Contracting, we can help you select the best automatic gate and opener for your needs and budget. Get a quote by filling out some info in a form or speak with us directly at (844) 628-8537.

Automatic gates can provide numerous benefits for homeowners in Bastrop, Texas, including increased security and convenience. However, they also come with some potential drawbacks, such as higher cost and the possibility of malfunctions. If you’re interested in installing an automatic gate on your property, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons and select the right gate and opener for your needs. With the help of Butler Contracting, you can enjoy the benefits of an automatic gate while minimizing the potential drawbacks.