April Seasonal Reminders

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In a time where people are spending all their time at home, it’s easy to see the things around your house that drive you crazy. That squeaky garage door, the dirty windows, the loose plank on the porch. Here are a few handy hacks for getting things done around the house and preparing for the spring. If you don’t have time to do preventative maintenance around your home, consider signing up for one of our Family Maintenance Plans.

Something sticky? If you don’t have Goo Gone, use peanut butter to get something sticky off a surface. Follow up by washing with soap and water to get the peanut butter off.
Dirty fan blades? Spray the inside of a pillow case with a little water. Put the entire case around a fan blade and pull it off. The moisture in the case will catch all the loose dust and prevent it from floating around the room.
Winter windows? The kids are running around crazy and need some outside time. Pull out the hose and alternate between spraying the windows and spraying the kids. Have them help you dry the windows with a clean towel.
Power out? We’ve already seen a couple spring storms. Check your junk drawer (you know the one we’re talking about!) and make sure your flashlights work and that you have extra batteries for them. When the power goes out, you don’t want to rely solely on your phone’s flashlight.
Fido’s fur? Are your pets shedding their winter coats? Wrap a sponge or paint roller with duct tape with the sticky side out and roll it over furniture or carpet to pick up the pet hair.

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