5 Tree Service Arborists That Serve Bastrop County

Serving Bastrop county and other surrounding areas in TX since 2015 and helping homeowners get closer to the perfect vision for their home.

Trees are an essential part of the environment and in Bastrop County they are quite plentiful! If you own a house in the area, chances are you’ve needed to prune back some of the growth away from your home or maybe a storm swept through and left a mess that was a bit more than you wanted to pick up all by yourself. We made a list of 5 competent companies you can call that offer tree services to the Bastrop County area.

Ramos Tree Services has been trimming trees and grinding stumps in Bastrop County for over 15 years! They can remove trees, clear lots and even haul off the remains for you. There’s no tree too big and they do work for residential and commercial areas. Ramos is willing to come out to your property and inspect the health of a questionable tree and do what they can to keep it alive if that’s what you desire! Ramos is a sure bet for a job well done with excellent customer satisfaction.

Bastrop Tree Service Pros

If you have a challenging or potentially dangerous job that requires experience and skill, Bastrop Tree Service Pros are confident that their 16 years of service to Bastrop County has prepared them for the most difficult tree removals you can throw at them! Bastrop tree Service Pros can diagnose and cure diseased trees to keep them healthy and avoid the disease from spreading to the other trees on your property. They also specialize in Ball Moss and Mistletoe removal if you have a problem with them infecting your trees. Give them a call next time you need a stump removed or ground down to surface level!

Lost Pines Tree Service

Lost Pines Tree Service is made up of a team of self-proclaimed “specialists in dangerous cuts”. They’ll handle those tricky post-storm situations or jump on the task of taking care of an emergency fallen tree that can’t wait. Accidents happen and when they do you, you’ll want to call a professional that will make sure further damage doesn’t occur during cleanup. With over 18 years of experience in tree removal, tree planting and stump grinding, Lost Pines has the confidence, knowledge and skill to get the job done.

Sullins Tree Serivce

Fully licensed and insured, family-owned and locally operated – Sullins Tree Service is located in Bastrop, TX and services the surrounding area with their team of certified tree experts and their fleet of state-of-the-art vehicles that insure they can offer quality tree trimming and tree pruning reliably and affordably. They also will remove unwanted trees, grind stumps that are in the way, clear your land or get your space cleaned up after a storm. You can also call them for arborist consultations. With Sullins, you can get a 24-hour emergency tree service for when the matter is urgent. They also specialize in power line and utility line clearance.

Affordapro Tree Service

Affordapro Tree Service stays busy by a whole lot of word of mouth business. Their customers are always pleased and nominated them for Best of Bastrop for Best Tree Service. You might even catch them knocking the dead top out of a pecan tree in downtown Bastrop. They’re members of the Chamber of Commerce in Bastrop and are headed up by Brandon Gilbert, an ISA certified arborist with 20 years of experience in his craft. Checkout their Facebook page for examples of their work. They specialize in climbing, tree removal, pruning, chipping, land clearing, stump grinding, arborist consultation and anything else that has to do with trees.

Was Your Roof Damaged By Trees?

If your roof was damaged by trees or tree limbs falling on the roof or scrapping up your roof shingles call Butler Contracting for all of your roof repair needs. Do not let your shingles go if they were scrapped up by tree limbs; the loss of the protective granules on the roof will cause the fiberglass mat in the shingles to breakdown and deteriorate quickly with UV light.  This causes your roof to fail and start leaking leaving you with thousands of dollars in repairs and headaches.  Let Butler Contracting ease the tension and repair your roof today.  Get the easy process started call our office at 844-628-8537 or submit a project request on our website https://butler.contractors/contact-us/